Krosscoin Address at etherscan:

Usage of Bind Wallet

User can import the existing ethereum address which holds KSS Token to see and execute the transactions.
User can also create new KSS Token address and can execute transfer from here.
How to find Krosscoin at Bind Wallet

1. Go to
2. in the search bar write “KSS”
3. Click on “create” to add a KSS Token address.
4. Click on “restore/ import” to import an existing address containing KSS Tokens.
5. There is facility to print/mail/copy the address.
6. Real time “best token value” is extracted from different exchanges in which Krosscoin is listed.
7. Total Asset amount can be seen by clicking on the “Bind Wallet” on the top-center of the page.
8. Tokens can be send and received via the Bind Wallet.
9. Bind Wallet provides full transnational history with timestamp.
10. Token information can be viewed via a single click on etherscan.

Krosscoin can also already be traded on etherdelta and forkdelta exchanges. More exchanges and wallets will be announced soon.

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